Mission, Vision, and Purpose Statement


We at Barber Trucking are committed to providing superior transportation services to all of our customers at all times. We know that by maintaining dependable and timely distribution our customers will achieve greater sustainability in their operations. We will continue to improve and grow by investing in technology and resources and striving to perform the most cost effective and economical methods of business.  Most importantly, we believe in creating a culture of safety for all employees as well as those with which we share the road.



Our vision is to become a national leader in the transportation industry through reputable and distinguishable service while maintaining the core values we stand firm on as a family owned business and proud Americans. We will achieve this goal with the belief of continuous improvement and practicing methods to perform our part in reducing our carbon footprint on the environment.




Our purpose is to provide our customers with unmatched, dependable service on which we pride ourselves with the commitment to work together as a team and the promise that we can be counted on today, as well as tomorrow.